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Baldwin Hills Park Plan

The Baldwin Hills Conservancy was formed as a state appointed board to aquire open space within the Baldwin Hills Area. The conservancy, in collaboration with other groups, has develops a concept for "One Big Park" within the core of the West side of Los Angeles that will be a resource for all Southern California Residents. This page provide information on the plan.

The main document with the plan is found here.

During the development of the plan there was significant comment, and various proposal by landscape architects and others. Some of the sites for these proposals have nice graphics of the vision, and some aspects of these proposals are part of the master plan, but keep in mind that these may not have been the final proposals adopted. These are still useful to understand the potential of the park, both because some aspects of these proposals were adopted, and also because the master plan is a long term plan and subject to change based on many factors. Here are some of the interesting concepts proposed:
  • ASLA Award winner for the Baldwin Hills Park by Mia Lehrer and Associates (archive of site using internet archive)
  • Conceptual design by Robert Becker (archive of site using internet archive)
  • Case Study by Therese Kelly From Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design (archive of site using internet archive)

About this site:

On this web site you will find information about the Baldwin Hills Park plan, geology, plants, and wildlife within the planned park, neigboring communities, and activities at the parks that already exist within the boundaries of the planned Baldwin Hills Park. This is not an official site of the park, and I ask for help from anyone that can correct any information I might post, or who has additional links or resources to suggest.

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