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Baldwin Hills Park Organizations

There are several organizations concerned with the Baldwin Hills park in one way or another, whether managing parts of the park, using parts of the park, or advocating the interests of the park. This page lists some of those organizations. Please let me know if of other organizations so that they may be added to this list.
  • The Baldwin Hills Conservancy - The Baldwin Hills Conservancy is a state appointed board whose mission is to aquire open space within the Baldwin Hills Area. The activities of the conservancy are very important to nearby residents seeking to improve access to open space in the community, and to head off adverse development in the area that is currently occupied by the oil field in the Baldwin Hills. Click here for documents describing the Concervancy's "One Big Park" vision.
  • Friends of the Baldwin Hills - A non-profit orgaization formed to promote beneficial use of the Baldwin Hills and the aquisition of the remaining open space needed to complete the park. Whereas the conservacy is the government body established to oversee the acquisition and management of open space in the Baldwin Hills, as a state body with appointed members.
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On this web site you will find information about the Baldwin Hills Park plan, geology, plants, and wildlife within the planned park, neigboring communities, and activities at the parks that already exist within the boundaries of the planned Baldwin Hills Park. This is not an official site of the park, and I ask for help from anyone that can correct any information I might post, or who has additional links or resources to suggest.

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